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WPHL-DB U-Rock Radio™ Philadelphia part of The U-Rock Network™ in addition too being the First Professional Internet Station. The Network is made up of affiliates spinning many styles of rock and roll discovers new talent. As a result, Tune in and you will hear everything from metal, progressive, indie, punk, garage, revival, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and all the other styles not mentioned. The reason for the diversity is the people in the network and affiliated stations, we all love music and work to support each other. The Network HQ is there to cover the legal details and market our Brand. U-Rock Radio™ and U-Rock Network™ are protected Trademarks and we are currently operating affiliates in Hillsdale, MI, Indianapolis, IN, Atlanta, GA, Philadelphia, PA, Pittsburgh, PA and Pittsburg, KS on the FM at KSEK-FM 99.1. U-Rock Radio™ station streaming on Radionomy are the EU stream, KSTL and WATL..

Philadelphia Rock Station WPHL-DB U-Rock Radio™ Philadelphia

philadelphia rock station

U-Rock Radio™ Philadelphia, Class: Digital Call Sign: WPHL-DB, File No. 153567791

Our audience tunes in daily listening to Philadelphia Rock Station WPHL-DB. Most of all telling us tuning in is part of their daily listening habits. Furthermore, The Urock Network, an affiliated network station rocks live in addition to programmed replays. The U-Rock Network is a unique group of music supporting entities that broadcast to the Internet and over the FM Airwaves. Bands featured are making music that needs to be heard. The U-Rock Network has an extensive playlist of the best bands that are underexposed as well. This achieve of music has it’s roots back 30 years of indie music scene. We play stuff from cassette tape because that is the only place it exists.

Urock Radio WPHL-DB is home to great rock music overlooked and long forgotten by marketing fads!! There is no preferences to style of music either, metal, progressive, indie, punk, hardcore, garage rock, revival, 50′, 60’s, 70’s rock n’ roll of any styles not mentioned.

As we say it’s “Because U-Rock and Everyone Should Know!!!”


Grab Our current App because streaming WPHL. In addition to listening to our feed seems like it is especially relevant. On these streams find new rock in addition to great new bands. These bands are up and coming, deserve to be heard. Each are selected on songwriting, Quality of Material, sound & beat. For even more exposure to new music tune into Urock Radio’s daily shows.