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    broadcastThe U-Rock Network™ is a unique network of music supporting entities that broadcast to the Internet and over the FM Airwaves bands and music that needs to be heard. The U-Rock Network™ has an extensive playlist of the best bands that are underexposed as well. U-Rrock Radio™ WPHL Philly Rock Radio is home to great rock music overlooked and long forgotten by marketing fads!! There are no preferences to style of music either, metal, progressive, indie, punk, hardcore, garage rock, revival, 50′, 60’s, 70’s rock n’ roll of any styles not mentioned. If you dig rock and roll unfiltered and stright up cold, then WPHL-DB is the Home for you. While all those hosiers at the big FM stations are killing you with the same tired and worn out music of your grandfatehr, U-Rock Radio™ WPHL is killing it with all the latest rockers that are worth giving a snort about. 
    As we say it’s “Because U-Rock and Everyone Should Know!!!”

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    Urock Radio WILG-DB is an Independently operated Web Radio Station in the Wilmington Delaware. Urock Radio™ – WILG-DB provides access to great rock and roll, past, present and now! U-Rock Radio was founded to provide exposure to Signed, Unsigned, Indie, Punk and College Rock Bands that deserved radio attention but grew into much more. U-Rock Radio™ delivers Quality Music through all of it’s affiliates.

    The U-Rock Network™ is a collective of Rock and Roll music lovers banded together to keep great rock alive. U-Rock Radio™’s mission is to support artist, bands, songwriters, other scenes, entities supporting rock and the musicians participating in it. We use radio programming, gorilla marketing, social media, apps and physical medium like postcards & flyers to promote the cause. If you share the same drive, desire & dream then Join Us! Bands Click Here to submit your music for consideration.

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