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    We are asking your support for a brand-new program we have called “Live from Linwood” which Broadcast Live Daily Monday-Friday 10am-2pm from our main studio in Linwood, PA We are working on cultivating the next wave of great music that you need to hear. We are unaffiliated with any large labels and only play music that we select. We feature new bands and deep cuts from artist long forgotten by music fads. We offer tour support to touring acts and operate locally in the Philadelphia area but are part of a bigger network. The U-Rock Network™ recruits others creating original content to help us promote young bands, artists and alike around the globe.

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    Tuesday Afternoon 2-4p

    WPHL-dB was built entirely from scratch and was done with personal sweet equity and finance. We operating in the DIY spirit and ask people to buy ad space to supply us the money necessary. We have built this affiliate from the ground up making money supplying business services and that is why we are asking for you to join us in developing this local network affiliate. WPHL-dB U-Rock Radio™ Philadelphia. We offer reasonable advertising rates to local business looking for weekly exposure to the Philadelphia area. We are looking for founding sponsors who want to bring great music long forgotten by fads to the airwaves.

    We will be doing Video streaming cast later this summer. WPHL-dB U-Rock Radio™ Philadelphia in the 50 mile radius from our broadcast studio.

    WPHL-dB Urock Radio™ PhiladephiaWPHL-dB U-Rock RadioPhiladelphia is an Independently operated New Media Outlet. More than just an internet radio station, it is a Live Stream Station producing Live Original Content to the Internet, Urock Radio part of the U-Rock Network, LLC was founded to provide exposure to Signed, Unsigned, Indie, Punk, Garage Rock Bands that deserved radio attention. Urock Radio™ delivers Quality New Music Discovery through all of our affiliates. WPHL-dB U-Rock Radio™ Philadelphia is the Local areas Network Affiliate Services.

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