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    It was in the sweltering heat of January 2016, in a shed in the Nambucca Valley when Pirra dived headfirst into recording Animal Kingdom.

    The band’s debut album is an exploration into human behaviour. Finding humour in the bizarre complexes and irrational behaviours, the stray thoughts, emotions, impulses and delusions all of which come together in song conjuring dream link scenes of fantasy.

    Latest single ‘All For Ya’ is a gloomy synth cloud that hovers over an upbeat groove, accompanied by a sparkling atmosphere which inhales for a moment of silence before releasing into the silken vocals of lead singer Jessica Beck. A song about the ups and downs of living large and partying hard, ‘All For Ya’ follows on from previous singles: the dreamy ambient sounds of ‘Wake Me’ and track ‘Hunter’ which follows a thrill-seeker on his/her battle against the moderates.

    Animal Kingdom has an eccentric edge, and whilst the tempos are upbeat, the overall mood is somewhat dark. Buoyant tempos meet brooding synths, overdriven riffs sit beneath a psychedelic atmosphere and ironic humour is countered by more sincere moments.

    Having recorded the album over a month from a shed with an incredible view of the mountains and trees, Pirra returned to Sydney and worked with producers Lachlan Mitchell (The Jezabels, The Whitlams) on ‘Wake Me’ and Neal Sutherland (Bertie Blackman, The Presets) on ‘Hunter’ to complete the album.

    With the individual members of Pirra growing up in rural areas but now all living in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs you can see the influence of the urban backdrop on the feelings and thoughts that the songs reflect.

    In the years since forming, Pirra, have played Woodford Folk Festival, Summer Playground, Sydney Festival and Surry Hills Festival, as well as having supported the likes of The Vernons and Hey Geronimo. This year sees the band head off again, around the country, performing with ELKI, Bec Sandridge and a number of other emerging Australian artists.

    Animal Kingdom a unique album that shows a band that has deepened their craft and are unafraid to explore

    Oxford Art Factory https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8Noowe65AE

    Animal Kingdom Out Now

    Label: Independent / Ditto

    Genre: Psych-Rock, Indie-Electro-Pop

    Key Tracks: ‘All For Ya’, ‘Wake Me’, ‘Hunter’, ‘Your Parachute’, Something Has Changed