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News 14 May , 2022 | 10:54 am | admin

Lelan Rogers: Texas Record Man

Small International Artists Records was formed in 1965 down in Houston, Texas with Lelan Rogers serving as an operative and producer. The label was headed up by a corporation of businessmen. Lelan had a brother would go on to do very well for himself, Kenny Rogers.

Leland Rogers

Ahead of International, Lelan founded Lynn and then Sabra records in Texas and also Lenox, Silver Fox and the House of Fox. At International Rogers was the primary producer for the psychedelic bands.

One of two primary International Records’ signings was the “13th Floor Elevators” who would migrate to San Francisco and become a major influence on the burgeoning ‘San Francisco sound’. Based on the reception and moderate success of the Elevators, Rogers, no doubt, turned his attention more and more to the bands.

Later on, in 1968, Rogers would sing “The Bubble Puppy” who would give him his highest chart success.

The Bubble Puppy from San Antonio, Texas

The label is noted for its psychedelic garage bands but Leland also drew heavily on country musicians.

International Records would close its doors in 1971 but then, seven years later, Rogers would revive the label and then release material from the vaults – highly sought after tracks.

Baby Brother Kenneth Ray Donald Rogers with his First Edition

In 2008, British reissue specialist label Charly, acquired the International catalog. Lelan would record a few tracks of his own which would show up on later CD albums.

Lelan Rogers passed away in Nashville, Tennessee on July 22nd, 2002 at the age of 74.

Singles Discography – Lelan Rogers Related

In 1969, Lelan Rogers would release three singles on the “Country Road” label in a move to focus on country music . It was a brief side trip. A few examples of his other labels are included here.

David Moore – “Please Accept My Love” b/w “Crazy Dream” – 1960

David Alfa Moore – “Crazy Dream” co-penned by Mickey Gilley –

David Moore

Leland Rogers and Friends – “Hold It” Parts 1 and 2 – 1960

Backing band is the Mickey Gilley band and the vocal segment is Eddie Kilroy who is David Alfa Moore

Mickey Leroy Gilley 1936-2022

Mickey Gilley – “Everything Turned To Love” b/w “Your Selfish Pride” – August, 1960

Mickey Gilley passed away on May 7th, 2022 just before this Post was put together

Bobby Doss – “Don’t Say Good-Bye b/w “I’ve Got You (Where I Want You): – 1961

Bobby Gene Doss

Mickey Gilley – “Turn Around (I’ll Be Following You)” b/w “My Baby’s Been Cheatin’ Again” – January, 1961

The Epics – “Girl By the Wayside” b/w “Ho-Hum Deedle Dum” – 1961

Sunny and the Sunglows – “Just A Moment” b/w “Uptown” – January, 1961

From San Antonio, Texas – Sunny Ozuna leader – later of “Talk To Me” fame


Mickey Gilley – “Slippin’ and Slidin’ (Peepin’ and Hidin’)” b/w “(It’s the) End of the Line” – January, 1961

The Epics – “The Magic Kiss” b/w “(I’m Gonna Pay You Back With) The Very Same Coin” – 1961

Johnny Guidry with Jeannie and the Clowns – “A Torch I’ll Carry” b/w “The Place” – March, 1961

Mickey Gilley – “My Babe” b/w “Lonely, Lonely Nights” – March, 1961

The Epics – “Last Night I Dreamed” b/w “Most of All” – 1961

Also recorded as “Jeannie and the Epics – One time member was Buddy Williams

The Epics – “Last Night I Dreamed” b/w “The Magic Kiss” – 1961

C.L. and the Pictures – “I’m Asking Forgiveness” b/w “Let’s Take A Ride” – August, 1961

This is C.L. Weldon and the Pictures

Mickey Gilley – “I Need Your Love” b/w “Valley of Tears” – September, 1961

Louis (Blues Boy) Jones – “I’ll Be Your Fool” b/w “Someway, Somewhere” – 1961

Louis Prince “Blue Boy” Jones, Jr. from Galveston, Texas – Fronted the “Rock ‘N’ Roll Band” – 1931-1984

Cecil and Ann – “Through the Night” b/w “You Wrote This Letter” – 1962

Louis (Blues Boy) Jones – “Come On Home” b/w “I Cried” – 1962

Esther Phillips – “Release Me” – #1 R&B – #8 Hot 100 b/w “Don’t Feel Rained On” – October, 1962

Probably Leland’s biggest success on his various label associations – Esther Mae Jones from Galveston, Texas – Fronted “The Blue Notes” – 1935-1984

The Medallions – “Why Do You Look At Me” b/w “You Are Irresistible” – October, 1962

Clint Miller – “Drummer Boy of Shiloh” b/w “Forget-Me-Nots” – December, 1962

Isaac Clinton Miller from Ferguson, North Carolina – after rock-a-billy career served in politics in Virginia and was a judge – His version of “Bertha Lou” reached number 79 on nation’s charts

Demetrius – “Hold Back Tomorrow” b/w “Your Tender Touch” – December, 1962

Demetrius (middle) with Leland Rogers (left) and Bob Gans

The Cliff Parman Orchestra & Chorus – “Leah” b/w “Rumors” – January, 1963

Little Esther Phillips – “I Really Don’t Want To Know” #61 Hot 100 b/w “Am I That Easy To Forget” – #112 Bubbling Under – January, 1963

Jimmy Wick – “Send For Me” b/w “It’s All Over Now” – February, 1963

The Genies – “Shoo Fly Pie” b/w “I’m Going Home” – February, 1963

A southern U.S. female group

Sir Joe & The Maidens – “Jivin’ Jean” b/w “Pen Pal” – March, 1963

Sir Joe Quarterman – Headed up “The Knights” in Washington DC, his hometown, and he led the “Free Soul”

Little Esther Phillips & Big Al Downing – “You Never Miss Your Water (Till the Well Runs Dry)” b/w “If You Want It (I’ve Got It)” – March, 1963

Alexander Downing – Was a member of the “Poe Cats” – born in Lenapah, Oklahoma – 1940-2005

Margo Treadwell – “Three’s A Crowd” b/w “I Can’t Keep Myself From Loving You” – April, 1963

Lee Maye – “Half Way (Out of Love With You)” b/w “I Can’t Please You” – April, 1963

Member of the Crowns and a major league baseball player with Milwaukee Braves

Bonnie Greer – “When Tommy Needs Me” b/w I’m Nobody’s Baby” – May, 1963

Bobby Rio – “Don Diddly” b/w “I Got You” – May, 1963

Jean DuShon – “It Won’t Stop Hurtin’ Me” b/w “Look the Other Way” – July, 1963

Anna Jean Harris from Detroit, Michigan she began her singing career at age 15 – 1935-2019

Jimmy Roselli – “Mala Femmina” b/w “Her Eyes Shone Like Diamonds” – July, 1963

Michael John Roselli from Hoboken, New Jersey – 1925-2011

Fran Lori – “I’m Gonna Study Jimmy” b/w “Better To Have Loved and Lost You” – July, 1963

The Jones Boys – “Honky” b/w The Jones Boys featuring Bongo Pete – “Beatlemania” – 1964

“Bongo Pete” was Pete Eckford from the group “Freak Power”

“Freak Power” with “Bongo Pete”

Billy Patt Quintett – “Passion (An Act of Love)” b/w “Desafinado” – 1965

David and Jonathan – “A World of Dreams” b/w “Stagger Lee” – 1965

Sources say this is “Gib Guilbeau” and Wayne Moore – Gib was Fred August Guilbeau from Sunset Louisiana 1937-2016

I think “Jonathan” could be John English III (see below)

Gib Guilbeau

The Emperor’s – “And Then” b/w “I Want My Woman” – May, 1965

From Long Beach, California – the played on the same bill as the Rolling Stones, Peter and Gordon, the Righteous Brothers and others

John English III & the Heathens – “I Need You Near” b/w “Some People” – May, 1965

Band from southern, California – They performed with the “Crossfires” who became the “Turtles”.

“I Need You Near” is cited as being one the rarest and most sought after mid 1960s garage band releases,

John English III was Jonathan Harvan English who was also a member of “The Preachers” out of Los Angeles. He was from Kensington, England

John English III
Heathens Around 1966 After Departure of English (from “garage hangover)

The Coastliners – “Alright” b/w Wonderful You” – October, 1965

From Houston, Texas – they would become “The U.S. Males” in 1968 recording one single on the tiny Britania label.

Tom Harvey – “It Happens” b/w “If You Loved Me” – February, 1966

From Florida – started out with a country swing band “The Kingstrings” and recorded as “Hardluck Harvey”

Johnny Williams – “Honey Child” b/w “Another Love” – 1966

Another country musician – Williams would eventually perform as a regular in Mickey Gilley’s night club

Frankie Lee – “Another Love” b/w “I Love the Go-Go Girls” – February, 1966

Not much known about this musician – Apparently did record on 4 other small labels

Kathy Clarke – “My Summer Prayer” b/w “Little Girl Called Sad” – March, 1966

Tom Harvey – “So Ah In Ah Love” b/w “My Love Is Here” – May, 1966

The Thirteenth Floor Elevators – “You’re Gonna Miss Me” – #55 Hot 100 b/w “Tried To Hide” – May, 1966

Legendary Austin, Texas band one of the first to refer to their style as “psychedelic” – The band was busted for drugs in the late 1960’s with member Stacy Sutherland going to jail and Roky Erickson pleading insanity which landed him in a state hospital for 3 years putting an end to the Elevators.

1970 Reissue Advertisement

Sterling Damon – “Rejected” b/w “My Last Letter” – May, 1966

From Houston, Texas he also recorded as “Mel Douglas” or “Melvin Douglas Gilmore” – He fronted a band called the “Nu-Notes” in the early 1960s

The Disciples of Shaftesbury – “My Cup Is Full” b/w “Times Gone By” – September, 1966

Thursdays’ Children – “Air Conditioned Man” b/w “Dominoes” – October, 1966

Band from Houston, Texas – Member Charlie Helpinstill formed his own band “Helpinstill” with brother Dyanne in 1980

The Thirteenth Floor Elevators – “Reverbaration” – #129 Bubbling Under b/w “Fire Engine” – October, 1966

Frankie and Johnny – “Sweet Thang” b/w Times Gone By” – December, 1966

Also recorded as “Scott and Kay”

The Thirteenth Floor Elevators – “I’ve Got Levitation” b/w “Before You Accuse Me” – February, 1967

The Chayns – “Live With the Moon” b/w “Night Time” – February, 1967

Also recorded as Paul Allen & the Baroques – They were from San Antonio, Texas

The Thursdays Children – “Help, Murder, Police”b/w “You Can Forget About That”- 1967

Billy Wade McKnight – “Trouble’s Commin’ On” b/w I Need Your Lovin’” – 1967

Fronted the group Billy McKnight & the Plus 4 – They were out of Tyler, Texas

Frankie & Johnny – “Right String, Baby (But the Wrong Yo Yo)” b/w “Present of the Past” (as by “Scott and Kay”)

The Chayns – “There’s Something Wrong In This Place” b/w “See It Thru” – July, 1967

Lost and Found – “Forever Lasting Plastic Words” b/w “Everybody’s Here” – 1967

Houston, Texas band – Also recorded as “The Misfits”

Thirteenth Floor Elevators – “She Lives (In A Time of Her Own)” b/w “Baby Blue” – November, 1967

Thirteenth Floor Elevators – “Slip Inside This House” b/w “Splash 1” – January, 1968

Beauregard – “Popcorn Popper” b/w “Mama Never Taught Me How To Jelly Roll” – 1968

The Rubayyat – “If I Were A Carpenter” b/w Ever, Ever Land” – 1968

Psychedelic Texas band with Al Acosta on vocals and Billy Hallmark on guitar – Acosta was formerly with the “Stoics” – The band was also known as “Electric Rubayyat”

Dan Galindo from the Elevators would join this band.

Acosta and the Stoics in 1967

Lost and Found – “When Will You Come Through” b/w “Professor Black” – May, 1968

13th Floor Elevators – “May the Circle Remain Unbroken” b/w “I’m Gonna Love You Too” – June, 1968

Lightnin’ Hopkins – “Mr. Charlie” b/w “Baby Child” – 1968

Sam Hopkins from Centerville, Texas – 1912-1982

The Bubble Puppy – “Hot Smoke & Sasafrass” – #14 Hot 100 b/w “Lonely” – November, 1968

Endle St. Cloud In the Rain – “Tell Me One More Time What’s Happening To Our World” b/w “Quest For Beauty” – December, 1968

Two members were Alan Melinger who was with the Texas garage band “The Iguanas” in 1966 and David Potter who was with “The East Side Kids”

Laura Greene & Johnny McKinnis – “Pledging My Love” b/w “Soul Symphony” – February, 1968

From Cleveland, Ohio – She appeared in the motion picture “For Love of Ivy” in 1968 along with Sidney Poitier

Thirteenth Floor Elevators – “Livin’ On” b/w “Scarlet and Gold” – January, 1969

Baby Al and the Caps – “Grab Your Partner (And Do Your Own Thing)” b/w “Laugh Now Boy – 1969

Willie Hobbs – “Yes, My Goodness, Yes” b/w “The Game of Love” – 1969

From Doerun, Georgia – born in 1944

The Pat Rebillot Exchange – “Oh Happy Day” b/w “Blue Sunday Smile”

An American keyboard player – with the Dave Tofani Quartet, The Family of Mann and others

The Family of Mann

South – “Barefoot In the Woods” b/w “A Girl Like You” – 1969

Donald L. Hill and Fred B. Burch were members. Hill was a songwriter composing for Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson, Bobby Gentry, Johnny Adams & others. Burch was also a songwriter

Fred Burch

Reuben Bell – “Action Speaks Louder Than Words” b/w “Too Late” – July, 1969

From Shreveport, Louisiana – In 1967 recorded with the “Casanovas” – He composed songs recorded by Bobby “Blue” Bland – 1945-2004

Sonny Hall – “The Battle of the Moon” b/w “Poor Planet Earth” – 1969

Sonny was Morris Hall – He fronted the “Ozark Boys” and the Sonny Hall Trio

The Shayds – “Search the Sun” b/w “Bring Your Love” – May, 1969

One known member was Stu Bailey

The Bubble Puppy – “Beginning” – #128 Bubbling Under on Billboard – #119 Cash Box and #81 Record World b/w “If I Had A Reason” – May, 1969

The Moonlighters – “Mainline” b/w “Was It Worth It?” – July, 1969

Jill Norris – “No, Not Really” b/w “A Letter To Dad” – July, 1969

Eddy Giles – “So Deep In Love” b/w “That’s How Strong My Love Is” – July, 1969

Elbert W. Giles – from Minnesota but transplanted to Louisiana in the 50s – A member of “Eddie Giles and the Numbers” – 1938-2019

The South Street Soul Guitars – “Poppin’ Popcorn” b/w “Soul Fire” – July, 1969

The Bunch Twins – “No Good Son of a Gun” b/w Darling, I’m Sorry” – August, 1969

Brothers Irmin and Thurmin Bunch

Robert Parker – “You See Me” b/w “You Shakin’ Things Up” – August, 1969

Born in Mobile, Alabama – known for his hit “Barefootin’ – Recorded with Huey “Piano” Smith, Fats Domino, Ernie K-Doe and many more – 1930-2020

Gloria Taylor – “You Got To Pay the Price” – #9 R&B – #49 Hot 100 b/w “Loving You and Being Loved By You” – September, 1969

Gloria Ann Taylor from Dehue, West Virginia – This song was nominated for a Grammy – 1944-2017

The Brightlights – “Motor City Funk” Parts 1 and 2 – 1969

The Bubble Puppy – “Thinkin’ About Thinkin’” b/w “Days Of Our Time” – October, 1969

Billy Shears and the All Americans – “Brother Paul” b/w “Message to Seymour” – November, 1969

Betty Lavette – “He Made A Woman Out of Me’ – #25 R&B – December, 1969

Betty Jo Haskins from Muskegon, Michigan – Fronted the “LaVettes” and recorded as “B.J. Harris”

Shayde – “A Profitable Dream” b/w “Third Number” – 1969

George Perkins & the Silver Stars – “Cryin’ In the Streets” Parts 1 and 2 – January, 1970

From Denham Springs, Louisiana – was a member of the Silver Stars – 1942-2013

Gloria Taylor – “Grounded” Parts 1 and 2 – #43 R&B – February, 1970

Rosalind Madison – “Fancy” b/w “Use What You Got” – February, 1970

Betty Lavette – “Do Your Duty” – #38 b/w “Love’s Made A Fool Out of Me” – February, 1970

Marilyn Haywood – “Mama’s Baby (Ain’t A Baby No More)” b/w Think About It” – May, 1970

Bubble Puppy – “What Do You See” b/w “Hurry Sundown” – May, 1970

Hank Ballard – “Love Made A Fool Of Me” b/w “Sunday Morning Coming Down” – June, 1970

Born John Henry Kendricks in Detroit, Michigan – Hank was the older brother of Supreme Florence Ballard – 1927-2003

Endle – “She Wears It Like A Badge” b/w “Laughter” – May, 1970

Arnim-Hamilton – “Pepperman” b/w “Walkin’ Midnight Coffee Break” – June, 1970

Ginger Valley – “Country Life” b/w “Ginger” – June, 1970

Bobby Donato of “Penny Arkade” & “The Bad Seeds” is a member

Maceo and All the King’s Men – “Got To Get’cha” b/w “(I Remember) Mr. Banks” – October, 1970

Dr. William Truly, Jr. – “(The Two Wars Of) Old Black Joe” b/w ‘King Is Not Dead” – December, 1970

Roy Roberts Experience – “You Move Me” Parts 1 and 2 – 1971

With Billy Crenshaw, Roy Roberts and Vaughn Freeman – Roberts was from Livingston, Tennessee – He played guitar for Solomon Burke

Billy Cox and Annetta Brooks – “Slip Around” b/w “Make Me Do Right” by Brooks – 1971

Sam and Bill – “Come On and Show Me” b/w “Rainbow Week” – 1971

Sam Gary and Bill Johnson from Newark, New Jersey – Johnson fronted the group “The Four Steps”

“Little” Johnny Blair – “Momma’s Gone” b/w “Easier To Say Than To Do” – 1971

Charles Hodges

Keyboard & String Ensemble – “Alpine Winter” b/w “Dedicated To Ora Mae” – 1971

The Identities/Indentities – “When Love Slips Away” b/w “Hey Brother” – 1971

Curley Moore and the Kool Ones – “Shelley’s Rubber Band” b/w “Funky, Yeah” – 1971

Reportedly this is actually Eddie Bocage – Curly was born June Moore in New Orleans – He was a member of “Huey and Curley” and also “The Clowns” with Huey Piano Smith – He was born in 1943 and died in 1985

Curley Moore

Eddy was born Edwin Joseph Bocage in New Orleans, Louisiana – He backed many musicians and recorded on more than 40 record labels

Edwin Bocage

The Soul Lifters – “Hot Funky, and Sweaty” b/w “Brothers and Sisters” – 1971

Again, this is likely “Eddie Bo”

At this point, International Artists Records pretty much went in the direction of country or country-folk keeping it ‘in the family’ with a son of Lelan as well as members of the First Edition.

Dann Rogers – “Looks Like Love Again” b/w “Lucy” -September, 1979

Danny Wayne Rogers was a country singer and nephew of Kenny Rogers – Most likely he was Lelan’s son.

Kin Vasse – “Do I Ever Cross Your Mind” – Charted Country both Cash Box & Billboard b/w “Sometimes Love Is Better When It’s Gone” – September, 1979

Charles Kindred Vassy – Was a member of the Back Porch Majority and also Kenny Rogers and the First Edition – From Carollton, Georgia – 1943-1994

Kin Vassy – “Makes Me Wonder If I Ever Said Goodbye” b/w Fort Worth Featherbed” – February, 1980

Dann Rogers – “China” b/w “I Got the Fever” – March, 1980

Terry Williams – “Blame It On the Night” b/w “Couldn’t I Just Tell You” – May, 1980

Terry was born in Hollywood, California in 1947 and was a member of Kenny Rogers and the First Edition – She also with “The Williams Sisters”, “K. Wallis B and the Dark Shades of Night”

Kin Vassy – “There’s Nobody Like You” b/w “Nite Out”

Long Play Discography – Lelan Rogers Related

LP – Lenox – Little Esther Phillips – “Release Me” – January, 1963

LP – The 13th Floor Elevators – “Thirteenth Floor Elevators” – December, 1966

The Red Crayola with the Familiar Ugly – “The Parable of Arable Land” – 1967

Thirteenth Floor Elevators – “Easter Everywhere” – November, 1967

Lost and Found – “Everybody’s Here” – 1968

13th Floor Elevators – “Elevators Live!” – August, 1968

The Golden Dawn – “Power Plant” – 1968

Austin, Texas band

LP – House of the Fox – Hillow Hammet – “Hillow Hammet’s Hammer” – 1969

Members included Chuck Bennett formerly of “Link Wray and His Ray Men” and “The Fender Benders” – He was born Charles Wayne Avery 1943-2009 – Another member was Jack Register who joined the group
“Snail” in the late 1970s

Endle St. Cloud (In the Rain)” – 1969

13th Floor Elevators – “Bull Of the Woods” – 1969

The Bubble Puppy – “A Gathering of Promises” – April, 1969

Dann Rogers – “Hearts Under Fire” – 1978

LP – Various Artists – “Epitaph for a Legend” – 1980

With The Chaynes, The Patterns, The Chapparals, Thursday’s Children, The Electric Rubayyat, Sonny Hall, Red Crayola, The Emperors, Lost and Found, Dave Allen, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Roky Erickson, Spades, 13th Floor Elevators,

CD LP – “Ichiban One-Liners” – 2010

(with “Hold It Part 1” by Lelan Rogers & Friends)

CD LP – Fantastic Voyage – “Snazzy Sugar: The Pure Essence of Rock & Roll From West Texas and Beyond” – 2012 (UK)

(with “Hold It Part 1” by Lelan Rogers & Friends)

LP – Sin City Records – “Sin City Jukebox Volume 2 The Double Barrell Edition” – 2014

(with “Hold It Part 1” by Lelan Rogers & Friends)

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