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Midnight Empire | Holy Island

News 23 Jun , 2022 | 10:54 pm | admin



Holy Island is Graham Blyth, a multi-instrumentalist from Manchester, who also plays in the bands Easter and Sun Skeletons. ‘Midnight Empire’ is the debut outing for his solo indie-alt-pop project. With nods to C86, Creation and Sarah Records, along with a bit of classic Felt, this album encapsulates the halcyon days of shimmering guitar melodies fused with garage rock and psychedelia. All condensed into 11 tracks of stunning song-writing.

“Locating the experimental/post-punk element of indie pop that is often forgotten in favour of melodic jangling, Graham Blyth’s project is a refreshing surprise. There are even little moments of Shaggs style weirdness just randomly thrown in the mix. ‘Picasso Was a Suspect’ is the sort of tune The Wedding Present should be writing, while ‘_’ has the kind of atmospheric guitar tone that Maurice Deebank had with Felt and ‘Knots’ features moments of off-kilter rhythms and playback seamlessly mixed into the song, lifting it beyond the realm of jangly indie.” (Predominance www.thepensivequill.com/2022/05/predominance-17.html)

“While the Sarah Records reverence is there, this in fact sounds more aligned to R.E.M. dabbling in ’60s psychedelic pop. And it’s brilliant.” Sun 13, sun-13.com/2022/06/01/sun-13s-albums-quarterly-6/?fbclid=IwAR3rfNarf2jgCLvmpeaJs1ldwqGKXCr_5qv2_9MJQ-Iekk0NZBlhwHfmiXo

released May 27, 2022

All music and lyrics written and recorded by Graham Blyth (except ‘Psyche Surgery Under Disco Lights’ lyrics by Graham Blyth & Yusef Sayed)

Art, design and layout by Gavin Morrow, Yusef Sayed & Graham Blyth
Cover Collages by Yusef Sayed


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