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New Music Drops: August 2022

News 05 Aug , 2022 | 10:54 pm | admin


New Music Drops is a monthly series on T&E where we share some of our favorite new releases from this year in rock, pop, metal, punk, hip-hop, and global. In the August edition, you’ll find ethereal shoegaze, atmospheric black metal, experimental r&b, and so much more.

New Music Drops gets posted on Bandcamp Friday, so if you enjoy any of these releases, purchase today so that all proceeds go directly to the artist!

Rock & Pop

Just Mustard – Heart Under
Genre: Shoegaze
Ten tracks of post-punk, shoegazey excellence. This is the second album from the Irish five-piece, and gives all the right broody moods and dreamy atmospheres that you’d want in a shoegaze record. Pairs well with cloudy days, introspective thoughts, and a warm glass of rooibos tea. – Parisa

Sun’s Signature – S/T

Genre: Indie
The eponymous debut EP from Sun’s Signature, a duo featuring vocalist Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins) and percussionist Damon Reece (Massive Attack). I mean, how could these two not make pure magic together? If you like either of those bands, or any bands these two legends have influenced in their thirty-year plus career, you will absolutely adore this. Just released this week! – Parisa

Young Guv – GUV III & IV 
Genre:  Indie Rock
When COVID went pandemic, Young Guv ended up getting stuck in the American Southwest while on tour, and making these albums while living on an Earthship in the New Mexican high desert.  I think the improvements from the preceding GUV I & II really shines through because of the wild circumstances that led to their creation.  -A. Iwasa

Stripes – It’s On Me 
Genre:  Shoegaze
A youthful garage rocking indie band from Tucson that keeps getting better and better.  -A. Iwasa

Dogbreth – Believe This Rain 
Genre:  Power Pop
As of this writing, only three tracks are being streamed on Bandcamp, and one of them was from the single last year.  But it’s no mistake that “How You Did That” was on my best of 2021 list and I’m amped to hear the rest of this album when it goes live.  Alternative has taken on a life of its own over the last couple of decades and it’s exciting to know bands like Dogbreth are out and about.  -A. Iwasa

Golden Boots – Liquid Ranch
Genre:  Alt-country
If you like a little country twang, but not necessarily the genre in and of itself, Golden Boots might be for you.  As far as the alt goes, think ‘90s Beck, and as far as the country goes more of the rock variety like The Eagles.  –A. Iwasa

Freezing Hands – It Was a Good Run 
Genre: Power pop
One of my favorite albums to come from the local Tucson scene in a hot minute. It’s everything you’d need and want from a power pop record – fast, sharp, and catchy as hell. Circular guitar riffs, sparkling keys, topped with crashing symbols and super tight drumming. You hear a lot of influence from The Kinks and that shoo-bop-do-wop vocal harmony goodness from the Beach Boys. Gotdamn do these boys know how to write a pop song! Favorite song: “Don’t Ask Me (as I’m Walking Out The Door)”. – Parisa

Maria Chiara Argirò – Forest City
Genre: Indie, electronic
UK-based Italian artist Maria Chiara Argirò weaves her way between minimal IDM, London jazz, and classical music for a truly dynamic indie record. The album conceptually explores the dynamics between city and nature, and does so by finding a striking balance between organic and synthetic textures. Fitting for a cloudy day.  – Parisa

Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul – Topical Dancer

Genre: Electro-pop
Another favorite of the year so far. One of the most innovative takes on electropop I’ve heard this year, all while addressing issues of xenophobia, racism, etc. Obvious nods to the electroclash genre with its deadpan delivery and sarcastic wit, but in a field entirely of its own. While it’s an experimental album, it’s still approachable to any fans of dance music. – Parisa

​Anadol – Felicita
Genre: Krautrock
A psychedelic excursion that traverses time and space. An Arabesk take on avant-garde jazz…or is it a spiritual jazz take on Turkish music? Whatever it is, it’s absolutely brilliant. She works with a lot of preset organ music and drum sequences, and then layers on it with pulsing synth lines, saxophone, and all kinds of other instruments that become so abstracted you just end up focusing on the overall sound. – Parisa

Viagra Boys – Cave World
Genre: Rock, post-punk
Well if this ain’t one of my favorite albums of the year so far. Topical lyrics, electrifying energy, too much to even talk about in a little blurb. All I gotta say is that I haven’t been this excited about a band in years. – Parisa

​Punk and Metal

Christian Blunda – Funky Punks in Space

Genre: Pop punk
Ever felt like you never fit in with the other punks ‘cause you got too much funk in your trunk? Well fear not, Mean Jeans frontman Christian Blunda has made a sci-fi, hi-NRG pop punk soundtrack for all the intergalactic punx in his debut solo album, Funky Punks in Space. It’s got the catchy riffage of a Ramones record with the humor and disco sensibilities of your favorite 80s sci-fi B-movie score. – Parisa

[no stream available]
Cleveland Steamers – Rock & Roll Douchebag b/w Into the Cornfield

Genre:  Punk
Cleveland Steamers are essentially an old school punk, Clevo super group.  If you like Ramones style, stripped down rock ‘n’ roll with a wicked (though not in a mean way for the most part, they are as self-deprecating as anything else) sense of humor, this 45 is for you.  The current single has Chris King of The Wild Giraffes fronting the band.

If you want to pick up a copy, please e-mail bassist Scott “Cheese” Borger, Cheeseborger at prodigy dot net or hit up their label, https://www.instagram.com/smogveilrecords/.  –A. Iwasa

Various Artists – Not Just a Phase Vol. 1 
Genre: Skramz
A compilation that proves real screamo is alive and well. Put together by the folks at Not Just a Phase, a podcast that interviews punk/skramz/post-hardcore etc. artists and labels, and they have an incredible knack for finding the most talented musicians in the underground. Features an incredible track and album art by Warren of Ohms, who did the latest T&E zine cover! Also, all proceeds donated to a charity that helps end homelessness, so it’s a great way to spend your Bandcamp Friday money. – Parisa

Moribund Dawn – Dark Mysteries Of Time & Eternity 

Genre: Black metal
Swedish-style melodic black metal a la a group from Phoenix, Arizona. As the album artwork would suggest, the music’s atmosphere is as mystical as it is menacing. This band also shares members from AZ blackened death metal band Savage Necromancy who have put out some killer new releases as well (featuring band names like “Diabolical Fuckwitch of the Black Flame” on vocals and “Conjurer of Putrid Desecrations” on guitar). – Parisa

Scarcity – Aveilut 

Genre: Atmospheric black metal
A single 45-minute composition that mirrors the harrowing void of death, loss and grief. Featuring Randall-Myers (Glenn Branca Ensemble) and Doug Moore (Pyrrhon, Weeping Sores), the duo draw inspiration from recent real-life experiences and in turn present a painfully raw and honest reflection on what it means to confront mortality. The album phases between hyper-claustrophobic blast beats and vast, open ambiances to allow the listener to explore the endless emotional nuances to be faced with death, but ultimately come out feeling a sense of endurance rather than hopeless dread. For fans of Krallice and existential crises. – Parisa 

Artificial Brain – S/T
Genre: Technical death, progressive metal
This has to the best technical death metal album of the year. While a lot of progressive metal (or prog music in general) can be so noodley and show-offy, this album proves that you can be extremely technical proficient and come out with beautiful melodies. An immediate favorite album of the year, and though I know calling something “perfect” is cliche, this album truly feels flawless. 

Orthodox – Proceed
Genre: Doom

A duo from Spain that takes on a more experimental side of doom. Reverby vocals with some surprisingly spacious, quiet moments. Produced by Billy Anderson (Sleep, Melvins, High On Fire, Om). While I’m generally more of a drone and/or sludge kinda doom gal, I still thoroughly enjoyed this listen. – Parisa

VERMÖRD – Nostalgic Predictions
Genre: Death metal
The debut full length album from Baltimore band with extremely technical riffage. Although it leans heavily on the progressive metal side, the overall aura is definitely that of a blackened death metal sound. Great variation in vocal timbre… black metal shrieks with guttural death metal growls that really tie in these two extreme genres together seamlessly. – Parisa

​Hulder – The Eternal Fanfare

Genre: Black metal
A fantastic evoution from the Swedish one-woman black metal band. Whereas her last album was traditional black metal, this album explores grander atmospheres and more melodic-styles of singing (even self-harmonizing!). You can read my interview with her from last year here

Woodstock ‘99 – Super Gremlin

Genre: Thrashcore, hardcore
This album just told me to hold its beer and then punched me in the face. Super fast, aggressive Clevo hardcore that wanders into Butthole Surfers-esque territory.  – Parisa

Hip-Hop and R&B

Genre: Experimental hip-hop
An ambitious debut album from London hip hop artist Wu-Lu that dabbles with lo-fi soul, drum ‘n bass, post-punk, and even industrial. While some songs drag a bit in my opinion, it’s all rounded out by the gems that shine even brighter (my favorites include “Calo Paste”, “Times” and “Night Pill”). An overall moody and ethereal release with a dry wit, for fans of Radiohead, Massive Attack, Tirzah, and King Krule.

Lava La Rue – Hi-Fidelity 
Genre: Alternative R&B
The sweet sounds of West London neo-soul with West Coast g-funk rhythms. The production on this EP is dynamite, it’s psychedelic like a mellow mushroom trip and provides a sunny, playful backdrop for Lava La Rue to swoon over. Her voice is as smooth as her lyrical flow, just pure silk. – Parisa

Buttering Trio – Foursome
Genre: Neo-soul, jazz
Beautiful, fluttering jazz melodies with a strong funky bassline throughout. A lot of tracks lean mostly into funk with pop sensibilities, akin to Little Dragon or Kali Uchis. My favorite track on the album, “When I Face Your Beauty”, is a deviation into a pure trip-hop sound, and I definitely hope to hear more in this vein from the Tel Aviv group in the future. – Parisa

J.Rocc – A Wonderful Letter
Genre: West Coast hip hop, instrumental
OG turntablist and instrumental hip-hop pioneer makes an album dedicated to his love of Los Angeles. As you’d expect, it’s dense with various obscure samples and masterful turntable techniques. Features a couple rappers throughout the album, overall a fun listen for a carefree hang with your friends. – Parisa

Jeshi – Universal Credit
Genre: Rap
My favorite rap record of the year so far. North London artist Jeshi’s debut concept album on the broken UK bureaucratic system is more than just a political rant, it’s an emotionally poignant and vulnerable album that intersperses moments of reflection, joy and real heart. “Poignant” feat. Obongjayar is my favorite collab of the year, and likely my favorite single of the year too.

Genre: R&B
Jazz multi-instrumentalist CARRTOONS lays down some seriously complex basslines and soulful melodies that are fronted by a myriad of different R&B artists. While each vocalist brings their own flavor to the front of the mix, the musical component certainly doesn’t fall into the background. For fans of Robert Glasper (who CARRTOONS also has frequently collabed with!), favorite track is “LIGHT” feat. Rae Khalil.  – Parisa

Ecko Bazz – Mmaso 
Genre: Rap
Rapid fire from the Ugandan rap scene. Stylistically pulls from grime, drill and dancehall but rooted in some wild industrial experimentation. Lyrics all in Luganda and detail the weight of violence, poverty and abuse in the Ugandan slums.Some of the hardest flows you’ll hear this year. 


Auragraph – Reflection Plane
Genre: Midiwave, vaporwave, darkwave
An instrumental synth project from Hector Carlos Ramirez aka Auragraph, a Los Angeles composer as well as the score mix engineer on the Stranger Things soundtrack. While oftentimes vaporwave can be too dry and lifeless for me, this album incorporates a heavier industrial/EBM element that gives it a moodier edge. For fans of Dreamcast-era video game music, eighties synth production, and Seinfeld slap-bass samples. – Parisa

​Gridfailure & Megalophobe – Harbinger Winds
Genre: Dark ambient, experimental
A collaboration between two New York experimental ambient composers resulting in a deeply dark, psychedelic exploration of sound. A richly textured album brought on by the layers of instrumentation – synths, guitar, bass, percussion, theremin, accordion, cello, etc. along withtape manipulation and field recordings of heavy winds, storms, and fire. The focus doesn’t get lost in all this experimentation, however. It all amalgamates into an incredibly heavy atmosphere that could both fit the description of a free-jazz album or the soundtrack from your worst nightmare. Features tons of great session musicians too that are all worth looking up in their own right. First single is out now, album drops in September (but having listened to an advanced promo, I can guarantee you’d want dibs on this). – Parisa

Ece Era – War On Innocence
Genre: Trance, ambient techno
A short 3-track EP from the Turkish electronic artist Ece Eryavuz, and definitely my favorite electronic release of the summer. A bittersweet sound that plays with the hypnotics of trance, strong bass hooks of Eurodance, and early 90s rave-synths, but with a warmer production that makes it feel more genuine than pure nostalgia-bate. Emotional, playful, sensual and tender – as stated in the liner notes, it’s music to freely explore your Dionysian side. – Parisa

Belief – S/T
Genre: Acid house
A new project from producer Boom Bip and Stella Mozgawa (Warpaint). Fluid and squelchy, straight up psychedelic acid house music but the stand-out feature is the incorporation of Mozgawa’s live drumming, which brings life and soul into an otherwise hard-hitting electronic album. – Parisa 

Hidden Spheres – You Are Not Your Body
Genre: House
Another bangin’ house release comes from Manchester, no surprise! This short EP touches on the nostalgic sounds of early Detroit techno and 90s-era rave but with a contemporary production style and a bit slower tempo. Just some good blissful dance music, and when you hear that “you are not your body” lyric drop and that sax line kick in, you can actually see your spirit transcend the dance floor and soar into the heavens…pretty tight. – Parisa

Blood Incantation – Timewave Zero
Genre: Ambient
With their latest EP, Denver-based Blood Incantation take a break from releasing seminal death metal albums to more fully explore their previous excursions into spacey, ambient soundscapes. Timewave Zero is dripping with Tangerine Dream-esque synths and a perfectly ’70s organic feel. Like the cosmos, its simplicity and otherworldliness leave the listener mesmerized by its austere beauty and endless scale. Give it a spin with a glass of wine and some pictures from the James Webb. – Andrej


Adrian Quesada – Boleros Psicodélicos
Genre: Bolero, Latin soul
From guitarist and co-founder of Black Pumas, Adrian Quesada honors the golden era of boleros and psychedelic Latin music. It features a striking lineup of guest vocalists that bring the bolero-style lyrics of love and heartbreak into the spotlight.

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